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We differentiate ourselves by integrating the infrastructure of a vast, full-scale provider with the culture of a friendly, full-service family.

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Custom Encapsulated Flavors

If you need to set your new flavor product apart from others in the marketplace, having the right encapsulated flavors supplier to collaborate with you to produce a flavor that’s truly exceptional is vital. Members of our FFS team, comprised of flavorists and certified flavor chemists have specialized instruction in the flavor blends and flavor compounds, as well as the most recent advances in encapsulated flavors technology, which permits them to optimize the flavor compatibility among the various elements your product contains.

The Best Concentrated Flavors Manufacturer For Encapsulated Flavors

Being a cutting edge and creative encapsulated flavors supplier, the FFS team is focused on product development. We use our expertise in creative flavor technology and our dedication to satisfying our customers’ needs to create the ideal encapsulated flavors solution for any situation. During this process, FFS pushes the envelope, resulting in establishing new industry standards. We’ll place all our knowledge and energy into making sure that from the first second your product hits the marketplace it is going to have a competitive edge.

Knowing The Trends Makes The Best Encapsulated Flavors Supplier

Another reason FFS has a sound reputation as a top creative flavor company is our four-tiered approach to product development. We understand what consumers are actually seeking from a encapsulated flavors supplier, giving you the competitive edge you need. Also, the FFS flavors development team is experienced in the future trends in encapsulated flavors, in order for your business can keep in front of them. This means that your product will set the trends rather than following them.