As a fragrance development manufacturer, Flavor & Fragrance Specialties, Inc. (FFS) combines our wide-ranging knowledge of fragrances ingredients, the chemistry of various fragrance compounds in addition to cutting edge fragrance development technology to deliver unique fragrance blends for a multitude of applications. We are not only perfumers, but we are also specialists in the application of creative fragrances to brand and promote your products. From laundry fragrance compounds which remove odors, leaving clothing with a clean and refreshing scent, to delicate skin care and lotion fragrances, FFS offers creative fragrance solutions for all your fragrance development challenges.

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Our collection of proprietary fragrance compounds like EOC(TMark), which removes odors from fabrics and the air, is one of the hallmarks of our fragrance development process. Not only do our laundry fragrances utilize a number of fragrances ingredients, but they’re also capable of enhancing the cleaning power of your detergents. When you choose FFS as your fragrance ingredients manufacturer, we leverage our findings from our consumer market study to develop room spray fragrances that ensure repeat sales. We’re able to offer both concentrated fragrances and liquid fragrances that will be ready to use in the production process.

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We understand the significance of the fragrance development process for skin care fragrances, shampoo fragrances and conditioner fragrances as a leading concentrated fragrances manufacturer and soap fragrance supplier. It Is important to bear in mind that creative fragrance are an essential element of the branding of lines or products as well as appealing to consumers. That is why we make certain to base our fragrance ingredient choice on what your vision is for your brand, with the help of our expertise as perfumers. By doing this we are able to ensure that our skin care fragrances, shampoo fragrances, and conditioner fragrances are going to appeal to the customers in your product market. Thanks to our sophisticated fragrances development technology, the liquid fragrances and concentrated fragrances we produce are going to remain stable across any kind of application it’s used for. Brand loyalty for your products is easier to create once you have a solid foundation with consistent fragrance blends. When you are looking for a custom fragrances supplier that delivers unique and functional fragrance blends for your products, look no further than Flavor and Fragrance Specialties.