At FFS, we've been inspiring the senses since 1983.

We differentiate ourselves by integrating the infrastructure of a vast, full-scale provider with the culture of a friendly, full-service family.

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Flavor and Fragrance Specialties (FFS) is the greatest flavors enhancement supplier in the business. We realize that food and beverage makers walk a fine line between introducing innovative custom flavors in new product lines and maintaining consistent flavors for their flagship products. Trends come and go in the food and beverage marketplace, and flavor is definitely everything. We provide a full line of different flavor ingredients and the newest concentrated flavor technology to create distinctive and imaginative flavors for each type of food and beverage possible.

Certified Flavor Chemists

One of the ways in which FFS earns your trust as a flavors enhancement supplier is by utilizing state of the art flavor enhancement technology to make sure that our flavor blends do not degrade when you create your products. Another way we earn your business is the diligence of our certified flavor chemists in ensures all the flavor ingredients maintain a consistent taste when used in a variety of uses, including liquid flavors, powdered flavors, or concentrated flavors. These efforts mean that the exceptional creative flavor stays the same across a broad variety of products. This develops consumer loyalty since people understand they are able to depend on your products having the same amazing flavor each time they buy one of your products. Our staff at FFS understands our success as a flavor enhancement company depends upon our ability to craft palate satisfying flavor blends that the public is searching for.

Ready To Drink Coffee Flavors

Innovation and creativity makes FFS the finest flavored coffee flavors supplier. If the beverage is served hot or cold, distinctive flavors for coffee beverages are essential to repeat sales and developing consumer product loyalty. As a skilled flavor ingredients manufacturer, FFS utilizes a combination of natural flavors, ingenuity, and cutting-edge technology to produce ready to drink coffee flavors as well as flavors for brewed coffees. We supply wonderful limited time offering coffee flavors featuring notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and rum.

Flavor Blends

Our seasonal coffee chemists use comprehensive consumer market research in addition to proprietary concentrated flavor technology and delicious flavor ingredients to create one of a kind seasonal flavor blends. To satisfy your requirements for different hot or cold coffee offerings, the limited time offering coffee flavor blends produced by our flavorists are available in liquid flavors, concentrated flavors, and powder flavors. Since FFS is a skilled coffee flavor supplier, you can rely on our team to produce creative flavor blends that complement the coffee products which you offer, instead than having them hide their smooth coffee taste.

Alcoholic Beverage Flavors Supplier

FFS is a top alcoholic beverages flavors supplier, which means we could create custom flavors to accent and enhance the taste of cocktails and beer without being overly bitter or overly sweet. By means of innovative concentrated flavors technology, our custom flavors designed for alcoholic beverages stay fresh and remain stable. We’re considered the greatest beer flavors supplier since we don’t just offer lager-accenting fruity flavors, but can provide flavor ingredients which will improve overwhelmingly bitter dark beers using a creamy taste that customers are certain to adore. Partnering with FFS as your go-to flavors development company will ensure your beverages are the hit of the party.

Concentrated Flavors

If you manufacture mixers and wine coolers, our certified flavorists are experts in developing delicious flavor blends for these products. Our knowledge in the application of flavor ingredients ensures our creative flavors have a fresh and natural taste. For bottled products, we offer concentrated flavors which will be both tasty and cost-efficient when utilized in these applications. For dry mixers, the powder blends we provide taste the same as our great taste liquid flavor blends. We are able to achieve this since our flavorists use innovative flavors development technology so the flavor blends keep exactly the same taste in whatever form they are used. If you select FFS as your flavor ingredients supplier, we work in partnership with you to ensure your products have the creative flavor blends that consumers want.

Candy Flavors Supplier

When you need a confectionary flavors supplier for cakes, cookies or sweets, FFS is the custom flavor company you are looking for. We specialize in manufacturing sweetness and cocoa enhancing products in addition to tangy-spiced flavors and fruit flavors for baked goods, and assorted confectionary flavors. We are a leading bakery flavors supplier, using only premium quality flavor ingredients to make certain your products keep their fresh taste throughout production.

Custom Flavors Technology

It is a competitive market place, and to make certain customers are going to keep coming back, your food and beverage products must have new and distinctive flavors. To make sure your product lines possess the best flavor possible, team up with the best creative flavor supplier in the business, Flavor and Fragrance Specialties.