Being a trusted vendor for over twenty five years, Flavor and Fragrances Specialties takes immense pride in our reputation as the top fragrances enhancement manufacturer in the industry. We provide our clients with unique scents will add an individual touch to any space with our fragrance enhancement technology. Your fragrance choices are limitless, from woody undertones with suggestions of seasonal spices to aromatic citrus notes.

Custom Fragrance Supplier

As a fragrances ingredients manufacturer, FFS stands apart from the competition by producing exceptional flavor blends for manufacturers, helping them get noticed in the marketplace. Our staff at FFS values the trust needed by these companies to count on the creative fragrance compounds we come up with as part of their product’s identity. Even following the rigors of various processing techniques, we ensure our concentrated fragrances will constantly maintain their consistency.

When customers purchase household cleaners and air fresheners, they need products with unique fragrances that reflect their style and lifestyle. We specialize in creating the greatest quality odor neutralizing fragrances, pet care fragrances, and liquid dish fragrances as the leading household fragrances supplier. The powerful chemical odor of sanitizing cleaners can be eliminated through our innovative masking technology. Being a fragrance ingredient supplier, our aim is to produce fragrances that can not only please the senses but produce a warm inviting atmosphere you may enjoy.

Concentrated Fragrances

As many consumers embrace the idea of utilizing distinct scents to produce a particular mood in their homes, they look for fragrance blends reflecting the seasons and evoke distinct emotions. Our talented perfumers develop concentrated fragrance blends that unite the fragrances of different herbs, spices, and flowers to create something which reflects the time of year or a certain mood. One of the reasons manufacturers consider our team at FFS as the very best fragrance ingredients manufacturer is that we use the exact same techniques that a high end perfumery does together with the most innovative fragrance development technology.

Candle Fragrances Supplier

Being an experienced candle fragrances supplier, we work together with you to produce unique aromatic candles customers will buy regularly. Whether you are seeking fragrances which are bold or more refined, we have what you’re looking for. We use the latest fragrance technology to craft innovative fragrances that can bring a variety of moods. We’re also able to ensure the candles your company creates with our custom fragrances will keep their scent for months.


Similar to a designer perfumery, many manufacturers use personal care fragrances in other applications, like candles and air fresheners. Adapting the liquid fragrance compounds utilized in lotion fragrances and skin care fragrances into a concentrated fragrance that can be utilized in a multitude of applications is something our team of skilled perfumers is adept at. The most innovative technology out there is utilized by our creative fragrance team to ensure the fragrance’s consistency whatever the application ends up being.

Concentrated Fragrances Company

As a master perfumer, we work side by side with you to create exceptional fragrances to distinguish your personal care products from those of the competition. We’re a creative fragrances manufacturer that constantly remains ahead of the latest custom fragrance trends. Our custom conditioner fragrances and shampoo fragrances can help draw customers to your own personal care products.

Lotion Fragrances

Personal care fragrances which we develop maintain their consistent scent no matter what the application is, which is the hallmark of any quality fragrances enhancement company. One example is lotions fragrances, which are mixed with ingredients possessing a different chemical composition than other personal care products. This could make aroma consistency for skin care fragrances challenging. Whether they are being used in an astringent or a moisturizer, the fragrance blends from our expert team of perfumers is made with advanced technology to make such consistency possible. We have expertise with such a broad array of fragrance compounds at FFS that we’ve developed a reputation in the business as the very best creative fragrances supplier around.


You’ll never need to seek out a fragrances development manufacturer again after using FFS. We have dedicated ourselves to offering the very best in custom fragrances so our clients have the best choices for their products. With our strong dedication to client satisfaction and product development, you may be certain your expectations will be exceeded.