Lucta Mexicana Celebrates Milestone

June 6th, 2015

CONGRATULATIONS to Lucta Mexicana on its 50th anniversary! Lucta Mexicana was founded in 1965 and is acknowledged in Mexico for being a trusted domestic supplier. Complete with its own flavor, fragrances and feed additives manufacturing facilities, as well as its own design and applied research departments, Lucta Mexicana has an important place in the country.
As of June 2015, this organization is celebrating this amazing milestone, thanks to the confidence from their customers and the enthusiasm and commitment of their team.

Over the years Lucta Mexicana has expanded its premises and staff, and presently occupies approximately 80,000 square feet in three different sites within the Parque Industrial Vallejo, Delegación Azcapotzalco in Mexico City and partners with 118 collaborators. Lucta Mexicana has a responsibility for quality, certified with ISO-9000 (Quality Management Standards), FSSC2200-2010 (Food Safety System), and deep commitment to providing service excellence to customers. Likewise, Lucta Mexicana is committed to promoting the professional career and personal growth of its team with fairness, and strive to generate a shared value in Mexican society. In 2010 the “Great Place to Work” Institute included Lucta Mexicana in the list of the best places to work in Mexico. Also, that same year it was granted the award of “Inclusive and Familiarly Responsible Company” by the Ministry of Work and Social Welfare.

FFS wishes Lucta Mexicana continued success, and looks forward to our partnership in the years to come!