Inspiring the senses since 1983

Flavor & Fragrance Specialties Inc. strives to be essential to our customers’ success by providing innovative solutions that support the creation and evolution of their products. Through our integrated expertise in development and application, we design and deliver on-trend, authentic flavor & fragrance enhancements found in many leading consumer brands.

FFS distinguishes itself…

  • from other middle-market flavor and fragrance companies with our depth of technical resources and infrastructure.
  • from our largest competitors with a management team that maintains a clear focus and involvement in customer care.

FFS is recognized as a trusted vendor that serves middle-market companies with the same devotion as its Fortune 100 customers. For over 30 years, we have stood committed to the highest standards, never compromising our principles.

The FFS Vision: Dynamic, always evolving

At FFS, we focus on providing a positive experience for our customers by encouraging a collaborative approach. The talent and enthusiasm of our team is our most valuable resource – a resource that thrives within the FFS environment of creativity, cooperative spirit, and growth.

FFS is acknowledged for being a trusted provider serving a diverse customer base. While we continually innovate and build upon our growth and success, we also maintain a deep commitment to profitability with principles – placing fairness first in all business engagements.

FFS is a desired employer, widely known through our charitable endeavours as a caring, responsible member of the community.