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I&I market overview

Industrial and Institutional cleaning products touch our lives everyday. Our comprehensive I&I report offers a deeper understanding of the industry as well as trend forward fragrances and market insights. Areas covered include General Purpose Cleaners, Disinfectants & Sanitizers, Floor Care, Warewashing, Laundry Products, Hand Cleaners and Air Care.


Now more than ever, we embrace the enduring beauty and sheer splendor of nature. Welcome Nature expresses our growing appreciation for the earth and its materials. Consumers incorporate natural products in all facets of their lives; from pure natural foods to eco-friendly building products we are learning to appreciate everything in its purest form.


Hair Care trend inspiration

Luxurious and upscale, Timeless Glamour embodies the feminine allure of the modern beauty. Fragrances feature full-bodied florals and indulgent ingredients such as soft iris, neroli petals and sparkling diamonds.


2011 Fall Holiday trend inspiration

Inspired by the excitement and magic of the holiday season, Sweet Memories is all about letting go and having fun. Upscale and creative ingredients find their way into traditional recipes and home décor with a carefree and anything is possible attitude. From sweet confections to sugar coated treats this trend is an explosion of good humor and playful colors.


2011 Fall Holiday trend inspiration

Luxury translates to balance, harmony and well-being in Silent Space. Serene, soothing and peaceful colors of ethereal white and icy blue create an environment surrounded by pure tranquility. Flavors and fragrances capturing the essence of objects that shine and sparkle with reflecting opulence and sheer beauty of a magical winter wonderland.


Hair Care trend inspiration

Relaxed and free, Nature Girl is the essence of understated beauty. Ingredients such as aloe, bamboo and lemongrass exemplify the simplicity and versatility of this bohemian lifestyle.


2012 Fall Holiday trend inspiration

Although holiday customs differ from family to family, we all honor and recognize universal symbols and scents of the season. Modern Traditions reinvents time honored classics in a modern context, offering trendy, creative and upscale flavor and fragrance combinations.


2012 Fall Holiday trend inspiration

Handcrafted items create a sense of stability and security. A back to basic focus on integrity, simplicity and tradition, Made with Love reminds us of the “good old days” when the holidays were about gathering together and sharing life’s abundance.


2012 Everyday Trends inspiration

Sensual and tender, this trend is all about the sheer beauty of a woman. A translucent, soft retro feel that inspires a pure, innocent, poetic love.


2012 Everyday Trends inspiration<

With a renewed sense of importance placed in communities or tribes, this trend is all about simplifying our lives and getting back to our core values.


Hair Care trend inspiration

Exotic Expectations addresses the needs of the multicultural, exotic beauty. We see nut butters, natural raw ingredients and island florals support and nourish the unique hair textures of this growing consumer segment.


2012 Everyday Trends inspiration

In a world of infinite choices, where everything seems possible, we yearn for a life where things are simpler, more charming, understandable and human.


2011 Fall Holiday trend inspiration

Alluring and captivating, Enchanted Temptations reflects an air of sophisticated elegance and glistening holiday magic. This trend is defined by warm, rich and high impact hues that stimulate the imagination. Upscale and multifaceted blends answer a need for luxury and provide provocative facets to traditional holiday concepts.


2012 Fall Holiday trend inspiration

Charming and fun, Candy Cane Dreams reflects our increasing desire to return to a more relaxed and lighthearted mindset during this festive time of year. Sugary confections and enchanted characters bring us back to a time when we all believed in the magic of the season.


2012 Everyday Trends inspiration

As we embrace the state of flux that is modern life, precious metals and reflective materials are a new area of fascination for designers and artists alike.


2011 Fall Holiday trend inspiration

Simplicity is the antidote to complexity in Back to Basics. Reflected in primary colors, this trend is about determining the essentials and filling your life with value. Sometimes what's old really is new again.


Flavor and Fragrance trend inspiration

Like the cupcake before it, the macaron, a French confection that resembles a pastel-colored sandwich cookie, is ready for its close-up. This trend sensation featured in film, television, books and magazines is no longer only enjoyed at the finest French patisseries. Macarons are now showing up at retailers such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Starbucks and even McDonald’s.


Cool trends in ice cream

While traditional vanilla and chocolate are ever present, chefs are “spicing” up ice cream with unusual sweet and savory flavor combinations. Novel flavors such as Grilled Peach Cracked Pepper can be seen applied to familiar treats. Consumer’s quest for healthy indulgences are also influencing the category with a focus on gelato, soy-based products and frozen yogurts. Healthy superfruits and anti-oxidant rich ingredients such as acai berry or green tea can make indulgent treats healthier.


Flavor and Fragrance trend inspiration

The frozen ice on a stick that we all remember from our childhoods is evolving with the help of convenient quick freeze popsicle makers. Consumers and chefs are experimenting with flavors drawing inspiration form popular beverages, trendy superfruits and traditional combinations with a twist.


Flavor and Fragrance trend inspiration

With the inherent healthiness of tea there is an emerging trend of dessert and indulgent flavors paired with tea types such as green or rooibos. Tea is expanding beyond the traditional fruit and herbal flavors to include more indulgent flavors such as chocolate, coconut, and creamyvanilla combinations.


Cocktail Inspirations trend presentation

Trendy nightclubs and bars influence fashionable Cocktails, setting the tone for the industry. Three key trends are: Polynesian Retro, Prohibition Era, and Bling.


Cocktail Inspirations trend presentation

Bartenders are adding indulgent seasonal cocktails based on traditional desserts to their menus.


Flavor and Fragrance trend inspiration

Lemonade is experiencing a surge in popularity, a number of major restaurant chains introduced seasonal and year-round variations on this summertime favorite. Recent introductions featured more unusual flavor combinations, including Lime Mojito, Mango Pineapple, Passionfruit Peach, and Watermelon.

Spring & Summer Seasonal Inspirations

Flavor, Fragrance and Coffee trend inspiration

As spring approaches we look forward to the warmer weather, welcoming flavors & fragrances blooming with the spirit of renewal, as the season transforms into the carefree days of summer. Spring and summer are represented by a roundup of light and fresh profiles, bursting with nature’s sweet bounty and dessert-inspired indulgences.


Household cleaning trend collection

The popularity of wood flooring is fueled by several factors, including the growing demand for natural products in our homes. The Into the Woods Collection offers the consumer new and trendy olfactive options when it comes to caring for their wood floors.


Household cleaning trend collection

Vintage Clean is based on age old formulas and natural ingredients that were passed down through the generations. Most traditional cleaning ingredients were found in your kitchen cupboard or outside your front door. Going back to the original naturally derived ingredients is a way to make products that work and create a sense of security with back to basic cleanliness.


Household cleaning trend collection

Now you can have it all – efficacy and trend forward scents. Botanical inspired scents create a perfect way to enhance your home with a relaxing, natural and comforting feel. Our Blooming Botanicals Collection brings the concept of “green” to consumers who are looking for something new and trendy, but are not necessary looking for all natural or organic cleaning product.

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