Top Lip Care Consumer Trends

February 14, 2023 / by Jill Mulder / category: Flavor

Valentine’s Day – a day to celebrate love, friendship, and admiration! What better way to spread love than showering your loved ones with kisses. To celebrate this delightful day filled with affection and smooches, we’ve decided to explore the lip care market and compile some of the top beauty care trends that correspond to the world of lip balm:

1. Grandma Beauty: Consumers continue to seek comfort and meaning in the past, resulting in a rise of products that evoke nostalgia. From floral fragrances to Art-Deco inspired packaging, vintage beauty has been shown to offer reassurance and reduce stress.

Spotlight Ingredients & Flavors: rose, gardenia, lavender

2. Warm Comforts: With the current chaos of the world, consumers are on the hunt for comforting and calming ingredients. With an increased interest in mental health and wellness, more products feature soothing ingredients associated with easing anxiety.

Spotlight Ingredients & Flavors: oat milk, honey, warm spices

3. Fridge to Face: The link between food and beauty is becoming increasingly more evident. Kitchen pantry staples that are considered superfoods are making their way into more and more products, resulting in cleaner labels with recognizable and wholesome ingredients.

Spotlight Ingredients & Flavors: leafy greens, super fruits, olive oil

With these trends and more in mind, the FFS-Lucta team has created a collection of lip balm flavors that are boldly delicious. Reach out to us today to find out more and collaborate in the creation of best-in-class flavor solutions powered by industry knowledge, marketing, and technical expertise.

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