Celebrating National Crayon Day by Smelling in Color

If you think of a certain emotion, like joy or happiness, does a specific color come to mind? What about when you smell something fresh, do you think of a certain color? Whether you realize it or not, color plays more of a role in your life than you may think. It affects the way we perceive what’s in front of us, our moods and emotions, even our memories and ways we communicate. This unspoken code and the psychology behind color is a concept called color theory.

Given that it is National Crayon Day, what better way to explore those colors in the crayon box than with our Smelling in Color collection. In this brightly colored presentation, we explore the connection between color and scent, how it’s used in our industry, and ponder the question “would a rose smell like a rose if it were blue?”.

As fragrance professionals, it’s our job to watch what launches on the shelves across all product categories. As experts, we utilize this knowledge to create innovative ideas, solutions, and fragrance creations for our customers. By analyzing and evaluating products in this way, we’ve developed a unique perspective on the way color affects fragrance.

If you are interested in learning more about Smelling in Color, please contact your FFS-Lucta sales representative or e-mail Julianne, our Fragrance Marketing Manager, at j.nienstedt@ffs.com. Let our team guide you through the fragrance industry and help you leverage the power of scent and color in your products. 

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